Tuesday, June 27, 2023

I've Invented a New Word (And Why You Should Care).

I've Invented a New Word for 2023: Herdwinked 

When I Google it, I come up blank, so it may be original. Should I patent it? I use it like this:

When a majority of people in a large group believe something that is not true, that has been promulgated by propaganda or mass media, they have been herdwinked. The new word combines "hoodwinked" with "herd think" to describe the process of mass formation psychosis. 

Related Words:

Herdwinked--  A Hoodwinked Herd of Sheeple 

Heardwink: When people hear propaganda and accept it as true.

Examples abound.

Nickname for Propaganda: Weapon of Mass Manipulation

* * * * *

Why should you care? You'll find my answer in this article here:


LEWagner said...

Regarding the quote from Germany's Minister of Propaganda regarding the Big Lie technique (in the Medium article).

I have a hard time believing that either the Minister of Propaganda or the Chancellor were calling themselves "Big Liars", and if you look into the context of what they said -- which is hard to do because of Internet censorship -- you'll find that they were referring to the lying media of THEIR time, not to themselves, at all.
Now the media tells us that those Germans killed 27 million Soviets on the Eastern Front, plus 6 million Jews gassed and cremated in the camps. That's a total of 33 million, which is about 33,000 per DAY.
On the Western Front, about 1,500 Allies (military and civilian) died per day, roughly the same number that the Americans killed per day during the Southeast Asian War by dropping more bombs on just Laos than were dropped on all theaters of war during all of WWII .....
Goebbels said that propaganda has to be TRUE, to be effective. But no one ever tells us that he said that.

Ed Newman said...

Thanks for this take on things. Are non-paying readers able to leave comments on Medium?

Ed Newman said...

I like the Casey quote at the end.

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