Thursday, August 30, 2007

The M Zone

Among other things I have been writing fiction since my youth. At a certain point in time I had determined to become a significant writer, studying all of the great fiction writers of the modern era, and striving to find my own voice. As I applied myself to the craft I eventually found myself creating works in which I could find a certain amount of satisfaction.
The fiction markets proved difficult to penetrate unfortunately. Even when winning a fiction competition or two, I found myself unable to see my works in print. Without a reader, the writer feels a sense of futility, for there has been a great deal of sacrifice made, and a deep pouring out of oneself in one's best works.

Alas, the world wide web emerged, and I what a wonderful gig it was. As soon as I could master the basic skills, I produced a website where I could begin to share my unpublished stories, poetry and some of my best articles that have appeared in print.

Today, stories I have written have been translated into French, Russian and Croatian. These and other works can be discovered on my website at

But even more thrilling was having two of my stories transformed into screenplays, Episode on South Street and this one, The M Zone. The former actually became a short film which was shared at the Great Lakes Horror/Suspense Film Festival to much fanfare, and this latter which unfolded into three screenplay variations. Though never produced, it was quite satisfying to see the story captured or re-invented in this manner.

Here is the beginning of my story. Follow the link to enjoy the rest of it.

The revelation came suddenly. Like an "Aha!"... only it was an "Oh no!"

Richard Busby slumped into his chair, leaned his head back and stared off into space, attempting to make himself deaf to what he was hearing. "This is verified?" he asked, referring to the data in a report that had fallen from his hand.

"Yes, sir. I'm sorry, sir," Dr. Frey, Director of R&D, said.

Busby's brain was numb. Even though he begun to suspect it, had himself experienced the effects, he had remained in denial. "Do you realize what this means?" Busby asked.

Frey nodded, the small, thin line of mouth grimly expressionless. His dark eyes scanned the desktop and came to rest on the latest Forbes, which featured the ten most significant men of the first half of the 21st century. There, alongside Bill Gates, the world's first trillionaire, was Richard Busby, developer of the M Zone.

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