Wednesday, August 1, 2007


What is an organization? It is people.
What is a family? People.
What is a church? People.
What is a school? People.
If people are so much a part of our lives (communities, businesses, governments) how is it that we are given so little instruction in how to get along with them? How to treat them... How to work out conflicts.... How to negotiate... How to communicate...
June 11, 1997

In the old days civilized families actually did give attention to these matters. Character development was a deliberate part of education in private schools and finishing schools. Unfortunately today, many families abdicate this responsibility. Two working parents (or being a single parent) leaves parents frazzled and frayed at day's end. Unless it be a deliberate priority, children fall through the cracks.

Perhaps there are churches that give attention to the practical matters of relationships, but all too often churches concern themselves simply with "religious instruction."

The other day, someone said to me that he does not "feel powerful." I immediately replied that he is indeed powerful, because he is influential. When he speaks people listen. He demonstrates, through his words, that he does not live arbitrarily, and his words have been conceived as a result of thought, not just to fill the air.

As we develop our skill sets, let's not neglect the all important skill of handling people. A good starter book in thie area is How to Win Friends and Influence People by Dale Carnegie. Influence is power. We really can make a difference.

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