Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Hiding the Word in our Hearts

An ecumenical team of Christian doctors at Johns Hopkins University announced this week that they have developed heart stents made from miniature Bibles. The concept, it was explained, was to help heart attack patients "hide the Word of God in their hearts", a procedure that the doctors believed would extend patients' lives.

Currently, the stents are available only in the King James Version and New International Version, but will eventually be produced in thirty of the leading English translations as well as in 41 other languages.

And yes, I am making this up.

Actually, I found this New York Post photo of the day to be eye-catching and thought I would write a few words about it. It's a picture of what is purportedly the world's smallest Bible, which contains the Lord's Prayer in 12 different languages. The miniature Bible is part of an exhibition at the House of the Bible in Dresden, Germany.

And if you're interested, this New York Post site offer an app so that you can have the Best of their photojournalists' images sent to you daily, directly to your iPhone. For what it's worth. A picture is indeed often worth a thousand words.

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