Tuesday, September 21, 2010

In Moments Like These

What a fascinating world we live in today. Walt Disney got it right when he shared with us that (sweet, but now tiresome) little tune, "It's a small world after all" at the New York World's Fair in 1964-64. The ever expanding expanding Internet network of networks only proves it more every day.

One of my Twitter followers posted a link to their blog, which originates in India, called Delhi Dreams. What interests me is how one can visit a foreign land and find a heart and mind that is so engaged, so like one's own in that it travels down the same paths, stimulated by human experience. His Twitter profile states: an advertising writer, poet and impromptu dreamweaver :)

Ha! I could say the same about myself and get away with it.

I suppose it must be what school teachers experience when they get a new batch of students in the fall, not knowing what to expect but -- based on experience -- knowing that that there will be unexpected surprises.

This is the beginning of Adee's blog entry titled In Moments Like These. I love the photo at the top of his blog, and have returned to it several times for a fresh look at one man's observations from the other side of the world.

In Moments Like These

i wrote this in my diary, this Saturday morning. haven't edited it much :)

it is a grey Saturday morning. there is a faint drizzle going on outside for the past two hours or so. i'm waiting for her at home and we've a lot planned up for today.

Share something of yourself with someone new today!

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Adee said...

thanks Sir,

OR should i call you Dear Teacher :)

i'm having quite a gloomy day here and believe me, this is the only bit of smile that i managed to ahve today :)

many thanks for the mention. and yes, i agree with you. internet, especially facebook and twitter, have opened up a whole new world of ideas, thoughts, lives to be involved with, to be open to... it is amazing if we use it well :)

thanks, once again.

-adee (from delhidreams)