Monday, September 6, 2010

She and Him

Friday I mentioned an art opening called She and Him that featured a pair of local artists, Jessica Turtle and Adam Swanson, at the Washington Studios Artist's Co-op. At my blog Friday I mentioned Turtle's work which I had written about before, and commented on Adam's art featuring bicycles, windmills and penguins.

So imagine my surprise when we arrive at the show and see no windmills, no bicycles, no penguins. In fact, there is no Adam Swanson at all, because -- duh! -- the show featured Turtle and Andrew Swanson. Turtle's Facebook invitation read something like this: Featuring all original artwork by Andrew Swanson and myself. Please come and celebrate with delicious food, great wine, and local music by the Batteries.

O.K.... so this is a quick acknowledgement of my faux pas so that anyone who wishes to see the artwork is better prepared. The paintings and sculptures include many new works by both artists. I had not seen Jessica's sculptures before and found them intriguing. Both artists show that they have talent, inventiveneness, and something of a dark side.

The opening was well attended with a number of other artists on hand. I finally met Jeredt Runions, whom I heard about recently for his performance painting... that is, painting while live music is performing, something I have recently been invited to do.

As for the show, it runs through the month. So if you're in the neighborhood, check it out.

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