Friday, September 3, 2010

Things to Do This Labor Day Weekend

Miscellaneous notes as we enter Labor Day weekend...

The Bob Dylan "Brazil Series" art exhibition opens at the National Gallery in Copenhagen, Denmark tomorrow. The four pieces I've seen (online) looked interesting, two barrio scenes, another of a nightclub singer (titled Songbird) and a third of what appears to be a magician doing a card trick. The 40 paintings and eight drawings will be on display through January 30, 2011. I'm sure the other national galleries in Europe are green with envy.

Tonight is an art opening called She and Him, featuring the work of Jessica Turtle and Adam Swanson, at the Washington Galleries in Duluth' Central Hillside. Adam is a relative newcomer to the Twin Ports art scene. I have no idea what themes he is currently presenting in tonight's show but in the past he's done a lot of interesting paintings of bicycles and windmills. Penguins also show up in his paintings. A few of the bicycle paintings can be seen at Carlton Bike Rental and the Art Dimensions Gallery at Hobo Junction.

Jessica Turtle is a young artist whose work is original, conveys emotion and holds interest both aesthetically and intellectually, and because of her fine draftsmanship. I have interviewed Jessica Turtle in the past and purchased one of her works called The Butcher's Wife. The art opening begins at 6:00 p.m. with music at 8:00 till 10:00 p.m.

In other news, Carlton Bike Rental has announced that they are now offering local Bike Tours on both Fridays and Saturdays, in arrangement with Green Pastures Dairy. Area residents and visitors can bike ride to an organic dairy farm.

Green Pastures Dairy is a locally owned and operated all organic dairy farm. Minnesota Farmstead Cheese is made on Friday mornings, and a viewing window is located in the store for those interested in watching the process. Bike riders will then be served lunch, and a beverage. On Saturdays, tours leave Carlton Bike Rental at 10:30 a.m., ride the beautiful Munger Trail to Green Pastures Dairy (GPD) and receive a full tour of the farm. GPD milks in the spring, summer, and fall using intensive rotational grazing, which means the cows are moved to fresh green pastures daily. Turkeys, pigs, hens, and other farm animals are all part of the experience. Lunch will be served as well as a beverage. It's a three hour tour with stress-free living and an Ice Cream Treat upon your return to Carlton Bike Rental. $25.00 per person.

Right now would be an especially nice time for biking since the leaves are changing... a most beautiful time of the year hear in the Northland.

And as grandpa would say, that's all she wrote. Have a nice weekend.

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