Thursday, October 28, 2010

A Halloween Party Invitation

Someone sent me an email with photos of Ray Villafane's incredible carved pumpkins. Evidently it's that time of year when half deranged adults are given free license to scare the living daylights out of other peoples' kids as they sprawl through the neighborhoods collecting treats or giving tricks.

When those kids grow up, the fond memories of dressing up once a year refuses to fade. And so, we have Halloween parties. Some places, like where I work, even wear Halloween costumes to the office once a year. That's right. People come as monsters and Raggedy Anns and Brett Favre. It's kinda cool.

Halloween parties abound, many of them becoming an excuse to express that repressed alter ego. A few too many are vampires and witches though, which in itself is a bit frightening.

One such party will be the two day event at Norm's Beer & Brats in Superior tomorrow night. I will be attending, dressed as an artist... because while the music plays I will be doing some painting, which will be projected on a large screen, if all the technology can be orchestrated properly. Chani Becker will be manning the camera while some of her own surrealistic film compositions set fire to a second projection screen. The stage set has been a couple months in the making with ghouls on stools, skulls on the walls.

There are four bands scheduled beginning with the Silk Sheets and their 60's genre style, followed by EerieArq, a hybrid between the Bauhaus sound and the Replacements. Slated third is the Rock Brigade at midnight, followed by Uprising, a Reggae rock band that will close the house down.

I won't be there, but Saturday five more bands will conduct the show including the heavy metal This Is Now, the sultry James & Younger, the Tinsel Faeries, Alan Sparhawk's Retribution Gospel Choir and the closer, Infrared.

If you like music there's plenty to like this weekend at Norm's. And if you like doing the costume thing, make yourself at home. The pre-party starts at 8:00 and the sound sensations at nine. See you there?

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