Friday, October 22, 2010

White Space

“With everything emptying into white.”

White Space
It was a white space, and I didn't know what to put there.
First I started to write about Free Trade.
I tried to make a connection between
post-World War I economics
and the rise of Hitler.
Discarding that, I made a lame attempt to falteringly present
with varying degrees of interest and disinterest
in no particular order
the relationship between line and form, a digression
on Hollywood one-liners, the origin of panpipes,
Dylan’s debutants, kitsch, ambiguity,
the Zeitgeist, Perry Mason’s undiminished cool, the man
with rose-colored eyes, and the genius of Sitting Bull.
These, too, failed to get me jazzed and the center wouldn’t hold.
So we’re back… to the white space.

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