Thursday, October 7, 2010

A List of Top Art Blogs

If you make art and have a fair amount of web traffic, here is a site where you can see how you stack up against the rest of the cyber-universe. This site lists the top blogs by a variety of criteria, from web traffic to number of pages indexed by Google or Yahoo. The names of the blogs and websites show the range of creative expression online these days, from Doodlers Anonymous and The Tomorrow Museum to Modern Art Obsession, Bibis Box and JazJaz.

Not a lot of time here to fine tune my thoughts for something more, so invest a few minutes by heading to this List of Top 75 Art Blogs and bookmarking it. And if you're an artist, get yourself listed.

Art quote of the day by Vincent Van Gogh: "The only time I feel alive is when I'm painting." I can't say it's the only time I feel alive, but I do know where he's coming from.

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