Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Have You Written a Book on Bullying?

Last year I was going to interview a fellow from New York who had written a book about bullying. Things didn't come together at the time, but here are some of the questions I prepared. If you've written a book, send me your answers and I will put a link to your site her on my blog. If you haven't written a book, and want to answer a few questions, feel free to comment below.

1. How serious is the problem of bullying in America’s schools today?

2. How did you personally become interested in this issue?

3. It takes a lot of work and sacrifice to not only write a book, but to attempt to lead a movement like this. To what do you attribute this high degree of motivation?

4. This is your first book. How long did it take and was it easier or harder than you expected?

5. I read through your ten tips to overcome being a victim of bullying. It made me think of some personal experiences in this arena. Briefly, how does a kid learn to not allow his buttons to be pushed? Isn’t it easier said than done?

6. At what point should kids appeal to a higher authority (teachers, parents, etc.) for protection from bullies, in your opinion?

7. A few decades ago I read a new age book (a NY Times bestseller) stating that today’s kids are more enlightened and wonderful than in the past. You point out that we’re actually going backward when it comes to the problem of bullying. Do you have documentation? In your heart of hearts, do you think it will turn around? How and when?

8. Bullying is only one problem in our modern education system. What are some of the others you see as you work within our school systems to resolve the bullying crisis?

Bullying takes all kinds of forms. If you do not feel safe, you need to find a way out of your situation... my heart goes out to you. As Robert Burns aptly noted, "Man's inhumanity to man makes countless thousands mourn."

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