Thursday, May 26, 2011

Dylan-Themed Art Opening at Ochre Ghost

Ochre Ghost Gallery in Duluth has become a special place. Last night the three hour opening from 6:00-9:00 p.m. brought an interesting mix of artists and Dylan fans, young and old. The slanting rays of brilliant sun pouring into the window added a special warmth to the event. With the show only running through June 1, you'll want to slide over there soon to see the collection of Dylan paintings and drawings, and especially to see Nancy Miller's Bust of Dylan, which must weigh half a ton and is mounted on railroad ties, a suitable pedestal for someone who began his career singing the "Freight Train Blues."

The Bust took five months to create, beginning with a steel structure upon which cement was molded. Atop this, the mosaic pieces were then affixed using adhesive followed by the grout work that gives the finished imaged clarity. In addition Miller produced a book showing the piece as it was conceived and brought into existence.

Countless friends of the various artists passed in and out (no one passed out, but they departed through the exit) and many new connections were made, as is often the case at art openings.

Tonight is the Dylan Train to Two Harbors, also known as the Blood on the Tracks Express in which five bands have been assembled to entertain riders along the North Shore Railroad, two going up and two more on the return. In Two Harbors itself, ticket holders will be treated to a show by Danny Fox and his Rolling Thunder Band. Danny, whom I believe hails from Chicago, has twice won the Singer-Songwriter competition at Dylan Days in Hibbing, a competition which draws talent from all over the world and will be again taking place Friday night here in the Northland at Hibbing Auditorium.

How much is that Dylan in the window?

Top Center: Jessica Liszewski, co-owner of Ochre Ghost, just before the opening.
Middle Right: Bust of Dylan by Nancy Miller.
Below: The artist, accompanied by her work, or vice versa.

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