Friday, May 20, 2011

Red Interactive: Call to Artists

"Red is..."

Red Interactive is seeking contributions in all media from all over the world for a virtual show which will also intersect with the three dimensional time-space continuum that is our history. The two month "show" will be assembled in a non-traditional, public space.

Red Interactive is an experimental art initiative conceived by John Heino and myself.

The physical component of Red Interactive aims to open in July or August of 2011 in Superior, Wisconsin (specific date and location TBA). At each of three events, red-themed art and found objects will be collaboratively arranged in a 3D composition within the physical space. Each event will also feature red-themed performances (music, dance, poetry, etc.). Parallel to the physical show, space and performances, Red Interactive will have a virtual space on Facebook and through a full array of online channels such as Twitter and blogs. Some elements will move back and forth between physical and virtual Red Interactive spaces. This is open architecture.

All artists are welcome and invited to participate as well as creative thinkers and people who simply enjoy art--particularly experimental projects. The only boundary is that this is a public arts project, so we ask that all physical and virtual contributions are appropriate for public display.

A lot of art has gone beyond the fringe of audience comprehension--elitist, arcane, inaccessible, inside jokes. One antidote to elitism is engagement--hence the "Interactive" in our Red Interactive project.

"Red" is a trigger and a theme. It could have been "blue" or "farm animals" or "show tunes for $100." The trigger/theme merely presents the first thread from which the ultimate tapestry is woven into fractals of infinity. Why red? Because it has such a rich array of connotations -- passion, danger, romance, intrigue and the like.

Will you join us?

Next Step
Three things you can do.... or rather, four.

First, follow us on Facebook. See what is happening, how it's evolving. Second, contribute. Whether you are from India or Spain, Colombia, Kenya or Turkey, share your Red and what red means to you. Third, share Red Interactive with your friends, and your friends' friends You can even download the QR Code above and email it to them. And finally, make suggestions so we can make transform this project into an ever living project that spreads across every boundary that separate human hearts. Let red fill the world with connections that touch us all and link us all.

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