Saturday, May 28, 2011

Ten Emerging Artists Put On a Show

Last night I dropped in on the one night show at the now-abandoned European Bakery space. The non-Dylan-themed event featured the works of Ten Emerging Artists, all young men with imaginations exploring new creative directions. It proved to be a fascinating environment for a show such as this.

Here are some of my photos from last night, and I saw quite a few other cameras capturing scenes from the event. Those who came to the show were an ecclectic mix of youth and age. The aspirations of youth were what they came to see.

There was much to engage those who came into the space. It may have been helpful for some to receive a brief summary of what each artist was striving to achieve. But then again, maybe this was an intentional ambiguity that permitted viewers to develop their own relationships with the work they engaged.

Leon Nyarecha, who hails from Kenya, produced a multimedia piece that creatively portrayed the other artists in this show. He is equally fascinated with film and will have a short movie in the upcoming film festival in June at the Zinema.

I'm certain many of these young men will be wrestling with issues of "what next" as they emerge into the larger world, and some will surprise us as Dylan surprised the world when he emerged as a folk artist half a century ago. The event last night provided a good sense of where some of these young artists are going.


Anonymous said...

This is Leon. Awesome review; I love it.

Ed Newman said...

Thanks for stopping in, and for leaving a footprint.
See you soon I trust.

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