Sunday, May 1, 2011

Homegrown Opens Tonight

Duluth's Homegrown Music and Art Fest opens tonight here in the Northland. The first of three art openings will be celebrated downtown at Pizza Luce. Curated by Jeredt Runions, I have three pieces here for the month of May.

(On a dour note, it was snowing this morning when I woke. I am still hoping the IT team can get the Spring weather program installed before Summer gets here. I guess we can be grateful not to have tornadoes. No one here is complaining about being too hot.)

Jeredt himself had an opening at J. Lydia Salon this past Friday night, which we attended. Jeredt enjoys curating shows, but is himself an avid painter as well with a whimsical style that is engaging and entertaining. The pictures here on my blog today are by Jeredt. There was live music as well, and Jessica, who opened the salon last year, seemed quite pleased with the turnout and the energy that was present.

There was a nice spread of food as well, all of it perfectly suited to the discriminating palate. One item was especially interesting. It looked like those little wieners wrapped in bacon, and I think a lot of people thought that's what they were, and it did not grab much attention until I discovered it was dates wrapped in bacon. They were tasty.

You can see Jeredt's work throughout the month of May at J. Lydia Salon, 12th Avenue East and Positively Fourth Street.

Hope to see you at Luce tonight for the kickoff of Homegrown. If you can't be there, I hope you're dancing somewhere and listening to some good music.

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