Friday, October 12, 2012

Gettin' It On @ Goin' Postal

Calm Chaos
The Twin Ports Gallery Progressive is in full swing. Last night was the first of two evenings of art and art happenings. Because of my commitment to help with setup for tonight's Goin' Postal spectacle I didn't make it to the manifold other opportunities to drink in the visual arts last night, other than the wonderful openings for Angela Howarth at 1112 Tower Avenue and the "Calm Chaos" at 1412 Tower down the street. Both were delightful in different ways, and a wonderful demonstration of the way the City of Superior has been so attentive to the arts community.

Storefront for Haworth's Resonating Threads
Everyone involved with Phantom Galleries Superior deserves multiple thanks. Artists are invited to place 24/7 temporary installations in empty storefronts. It's a great way to bring visibility both to artists in our community as well attention to some of the wonderful spaces that need new business tenants. Last nights art party was delightful.

The "Calm Chaos" installation by Luke Krisak and Chris Watten was fun, featuring clay and paper bees and insects hanging from the ceiling, and more. I love the way the light flows through those window in the New York Building late in the day.

Angela Haworth's "Resounding Threads" are intricate fiberscapes that were also especially vivid in the late day sun. I have saved most of the photos from her show for next week's Wordless Wednesday. One can only be impressed by the range of creative expressions in the undercurrent that flows through veins of our community.

Another very nice piece from the talented Tara Stone.
All this is a great lead in to the Goin' Postal event tonight. New work by more than fifteen artists, with many familiar faces but new ones, too. Andy Mathiassen's bronze sculptures and pillars deserve recognition here, a new addition to the Goin' Postal family. There will also be an opportunity to amuse your mouth with delightful chocolates from chocolatier Heidi Ash of 185Chocolat, LLC. (Along with copious quantities of libations, hors d'oeuvres, etc.)

Down But Not Out
After all is said and done, the afterparty will be moving next door to Bev's Jook Joint with four bands playing and four artists "performing" to the music, including Jeredt Runions, Dusty Keliin and myself. Based on the energy I witnessed during last night's preparations, it's clear the aim will be a memorable experience for anyone who walks through these doors.

Dusty K will be painting live tonight.
Note: If you're unable to make it across the bridge to Superior yet still wish to get out to some happenings, there's plenty on the Duluth side of the bridge. Like Goin' Postal Second Annual Fall Art Show and Concert, the PROVE will be putting in a late night celebrating their first anniversary. Maybe a good way to navigate the Downtown Duluth portion of your evening would be to begin at Washington Galleries, walk two blocks to the American Indian Community Housing Organization event at 202 W. 2nd Street in Duluth. Then circle back to the PROVE, say hello to the scene there, head east through the alley to the Ochre Ghost, then drop down to Superior Street to pick up Perry Framing and the new Art in the Alley Gallery a short half block away. Less than two blocks further and you can pick up the Duluth Photography Institute opening at 405 East Superior Street. That's seven of today's eight evening events in one circuit. I'd join you, but I'll be across the bridge. If you DO make all seven of the Duluth openings and drop into Goin' Postal or Bev's for the live painting, I'll still give you the original drawing I promised yesterday to anyone who attended all 16 of the listed gallery openings and events. I will be very envious of anyone who achieved this.

Meantime, let the music move you, and the visuals. No, it's not a dream. This is really happening, right here in the Twin Ports.

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