Thursday, October 11, 2012

Twin Ports Gallery Progressive Begins Tonight

I mentioned it Monday so you can't say I didn't warn you. The gallery hoppers will be out tonight. If you've been hearing people talk about the vibrancy in our local art scene, the Gallery Progressive would be a great opportunity to get out and catch the flavor of what's been happening.

New photography by Andrew Perfetti at Goin' Postal
This week Goin' Postal in Superior has been re-painting walls and putting in long hours organizing and prepping for a show featuring at least fifteen and maybe as many as twenty artists. I'll have an assortment of new paintings there and am looking forward to many new artists who will be part of tomorrow night's events.

Across the bridge, Pineapple Art Duluth has dressed up its walls with a new coat of paint and has done some re-decorating with a lot of new art and heart. Pineapple Art is alternate art store run by artists, not big box retailers. It's come to my attention that the gallery is getting ready to place a new order for art supplies and will pay shipping if you have something you need. Stop by during the day today or tomorrow from 10:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. to see what's new.

Just for the Season Gallery is having a reception today from 3-7. They are not just for the season, though. Edna Blanchard is the featured artist with her current show titled "Hang It All." I love the word play.

A lot of artists enjoy language as well. Sometimes the titles of John Heino's photos leave me in stitches. Recently one of his photos of the front tip of a boat reflected in the water was titled, "Take a Bow." When I reflected on this, it made me want to paint a picture of a man carrying the limb of a tree he'd just cut off and call it, "Take a Bough."

Phantom Galleries Superior is having an art party tonight from 5-9 p.m. The name of their event is Front and Back, with featured artists Angela Howarth, Cecilia Ramon, Terry Millikan, Luke Krisak aand Chris Watten in four locations. In addition, at 7 o'clock they will be taking a flashlight tour of the Back Door alley murals that were created this year through the alleys. Way cool.

Much more could be said, but this is probably enough. I just wanted to remind you that there's some really amazing creative work being produced in our region and this is a great opportunity to catch a glimpse of a portion of it.

The full schedule for the galleries and artist talks appears in today's Wave in the DNT (thank you) or in my Monday blog post.

Hopefully I'll see you on there, wherever that might be.

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