Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Temporary Tattoo

I almost got a tat last night. I was at an event where someone was set up with stencils and spray guns, a little seat and a small crowd watching as he put the barbed wire tattoo on a fellows wrist. I noticed he had scorpion stencils available and might even have considered it if I weren't off to meet someone.

So had I followed through I would be wearing a red scorpion on my forearm today, just in time for Halloween.

Nothing more to say about that except that if you're interested in reading my novel, The Red Scorpion, or one of my volumes of short stories, here's a link to a page with descriptions of my various books of fiction. I consider the stories my crown jewels. Many are very special to me. Available on Kindle, Nook and the Apple store. If you have an iPad or tablet you can download the app. You may also skip the link and click on one of the book covers here to the right for direct link to Amazon store and read the reviews.


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