Tuesday, October 2, 2012

More or Less Miscellaneous

1. Idea for a story: A Series of Impossible Situations

2. Can you touch your toes? Why is touching your toes important? In gym class touching your toes was a part of the whole spiel of warming up, getting loose… but… when I wash my feet in the shower I usually get down on one knee… and there you go. Do you wash between your toes every day? Do you floss? What are some of your warm-up routines? My fingers stay limber through daily typing.

3. Last night I was listening to Bob French and his Dixeland Band play Over in the Glory Land… I understand why songs like this connect with the people who are downtrodden. Thank you to songwriters James W. Acuff and Emmet S. Dean.

Lefty & Stel, on the road again.
4. Sunday’s Lefty Fest was a very special event for a very special man. The Centerville All Stars did the honors of offering up two hours of typhoon-strength passion for the gathering crowd. A highlight of the event was hearing Lefty and Stel perform, and then Lefty and the Fractals. I don't know the final tally of what was raised but it was a memorable day for all who were there.

5. Just saw this quote on my Twitter feed: "Striving for success without hard work is like trying to harvest where you haven't planted."

6. A magnet attracts iron, yet has no effect whatsoever on wood.

7. A finally, a couple observations about eggplants.

8. Featured eBook of the Day: The Breaking Point and Other Stories

Enjoy your day. And smile if someone offer you a bit o' chocolate. It's good for you.

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