Thursday, April 25, 2013

First Signs of Spring: Homegrown and NXN

Killer Dunkshot, student art show at the Tweed Museum, UMD.
Mayor Ness @ Z-geist Atrium
The relationship between media and events is longstanding. What would sportswriters write about if there were no sporting events? What would newscasters talk about if there were no news events? So it is that our 15th annual Homegrown Music Fest is here, and our local Duluth News Tribune is rolling up its proverbial sleeves because this is something to talk about.

Today's Trib has several stories in the Wave alone, and promises coverage throughout the 8-day week that begins with the Mayor's Proclamation at 7 p.m. Sunday at Tycoons. On Tuesday the the 23rd Mayor Ness, on behalf of both Duluth and Superior, demonstrated his bear hug embrace for all things art with the official proclamation of the first annual North X North Music & Arts Experience (NXN). Homegrown will flow through to the beginning of Visual Arts Week which then morphs into a week of ballet, theater, and performance art, carrying us on through a week of Dylan Fest, then conveying us to downtown theaters where we can take our seats in front of large screens for the May-end DuSu Film Festival.

It all begins with Homegrown. 180 bands in venues everywhere, along with the Homegrown Music Video Festival, Homegrown Photo Show and the Homegrown Poetry Showcase. There will be events at all hours and many unannounced pop-up events that you'll only learn about through Twitter and other social media. I've already been invited to so many things that I can't see straight.

On Friday and Saturday, May 3 and 4, there will be a trolley shuttle to help carry you up and down Superior Street, suitably named A Streetcar to Desire. For the most complete schedule and updates you should bookmark

FWIW you will need tickets to get into events, instructions at the website. $25 will get you the full 8-day pass that includes Trampled By Turtles on Tuesday at the Clyde. I was at Beaners the other day and Jason Wusson there said he was excited to be on of the opening acts for that big night of music. 

Jack Frost is reluctantly relinquishing his influence on our lives this weekend, so we can all start singing again here in the North Country. No, actually that isn't right. Music is what gets us through the winter. We never stop singing, do we?

Enjoy the shows!

The arts community appreciates the support shown by local officials.
Handbills and posters for upcoming events were shared Tuesday evening.
Big thanks to Twin Ports Arts Align for their hard work behind the scenes.
These kinds of cultural experiences are a true gift to the community.

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