Friday, April 19, 2013

Free Friday Book of the Week: Unremembered Histories

It seems like every time I turn the page I'm reading articles about the demise of print media. Even though I'm an ePublisher with four eBooks under my belt, I refuse to believe all the hype about eBooks.

Personally, I still love my Kindle as much today as when I got it two years ago. However, I also love the wall of books in my office. I like the way they look, I like the way they feel and I even like the way they smell.

Nevertheless, when I travel it's always with my Kindle. What a great concept. That's why as of last summer eBooks surpassed printed paper in U.S. book sales. In Britain, 1 in 4 books being read today is digital.*

You don't need a Kindle or Nook to read eBooks. All it takes these days is an app. Even if you don't have a Kindle or other digital reading device, you can still read this week's Free Friday Book of the Week on your iPad or tablet or most laptops and computers when you download the app. Anyone with an iPad, or a tablet of any kind, or most computers can download and read eBooks.

Today, April 19, N&L Publishing is making Unremembered Histories available for free download.

The supernatural or paranormal is one of the common denominators in these stories. An experienced reader might recognize the fingerprints of Jorge Luis Borges on a few of these pieces. An Unremembered History of the World is one of my personal favorites, as is the short lead-off story Two Acts That Changed the World. I had a lot of fun writing Duel of the Poets, and was gratified when in the 1990's I was contacted by a Croatian poetry website that asked permission to make it a centerpiece there. The story more recently appeared in print last year in PROOF Magazine.

Of this collection of six stories an reviewer wrote, "If you value the short-story form, written in a way that entertains, informs, and prompts you to think, then there's a lot to appreciate in this little gem." If you forget to download the book on Friday the 19ths, you can still purchase a Kindle version for $1.99 any other day of the week by clicking on the book cover on the right side of this page.

The photo on the cover of this book is really cool to me. I took the picture with my film camera and later when I processed it I had forgotten what it was I'd taken a photo of. The abstract design reminded me of a man on a raft on a river with ice flowing all around him. As I enlarged the portion with the man I realized suddenly what it was, a large moth that had alighted on the door of my garage. It seemed to work for me as a book cover here, and like the subject matter, appearances can be deceiving.

I personally enjoy stories with that kind of "Aha!" feature. I'm hopeful that some of these will do just that for you. 

Today only: download Unremembered Histories here.

CORRECTION: Unfortunately our Free Friday giveaway offer has run afoul of a technicality in the fine print of our agreement with Hopefully this will be corrected by next Friday, but in the meantime, IF YOU EMAIL ME (ennyman at northlc dot com) I will send a a copy of the manuscript by email. OR, if you purchase the book from today, I will send you an Official Red Scorpion Bookmark, which is a dollar bill with a Red Scorpion stamped on it. Value: one dollar.


*, The Death of Print Media Continues, April 17, 2013.

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