Tuesday, April 23, 2013


Yesterday I read an article about an art opening titled The Art of Friendship, which features the collaborations between two of Argentina's most significant cultural icons of the last century, artist Xul Solar and literary giant Jorge Luis Borges. The article got me to thinking about some of the collaborations I've been involved with or observed recently.

Most businesses are essentially a collaboration in which people band together around common aims, to produce a car that drives itself or a better way to market a solution to the problem of (fill in the blank.) In the music scene we see collaborations from duos and trios to big bands and orchestras. And next week, April 28 thru May 5, Duluth and Superior are bringing the Twin Ports its 15th Annual Homegrown Festival. Make sure you pick up the printed guide to our annual Northland Festival and see how much is going on this year. The 82-page mag not only gives you in the inside scoop on all the groups performing this year, it also provides a five page history of the event from its incubation to the phenomenon it is today. (Can't find one, Jimmy? You can get the abbreviated, and somewhat less colorful, version on Wikipedia.)

Another local collaboration that has emerged here in the North Country is the development of the Twin Ports Arts Align, a loose network of artists from all disciplines that is serving as a catalyst to stimulate a vibrant, sustainable arts culture in the Twin Ports. One of the products of this synergy has been the development, with strong support from mayors, local businesses and many others, of North X North, a music and arts experience. Tonight is their kickoff bash at the Zeitgeist.

If you're curious about what the month of May holds in store here, stop in and learn more. Celebrate with us. It began as an idea. There were hurdles. It is now happening. And in fifteen years I look forward to writing about its history and significance.

You're invited. 5:30 p.m. The Launch Party and Opening Reception at the Zeitgeist Atrium, Downtown Duluth. See you there.

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