Friday, April 5, 2013

Introducing TGIFF

It’s FREE Friday @ N&L Publishing.

Here’s the deal. For each of the next four months N&L Publishing will be making one of my eBooks available for free download. Today we’re offering The Breaking Point and Other Stories, a volume of short stories that features my award-winning 1991 Arrowhead Regional Fiction Competition entry "The Breaking Point."

What’s interesting to me is that 1991 was the first year that they did not publish the winning story. I received recognition and a modestly small check, but the story never appeared in print. Ironically, two years later my first book was purchased but, again, not published. I received a larger check this time but it was an awkward disappointment because how do you describe yourself as an author after that? "I sold a book to Thomas Nelson Publishers," has a nice ring to it till you get the follow-up question. "Where can I find a copy?" "Well, it was never published. Uhmm, that's a longer story."

Nevertheless, with the advent of the digital age writers who desire to share their work can find a way. The barricades have been removed.

Today, Kindles and Nooks have become the bread and butter of the eBook industry, but it doesn't stop there. Anyone with an iPad, or a tablet of any kind, or even a computer can download and read eBooks. To read eBooks on your laptop or computer you’ll need to download the app first. To read The Breaking Point and Other Stories, download the book here.

About N&L Publishing
In 2011 I partnered with TJ Lind, a high school student in the Proctor DECA program with exceptional motivation. He was keenly attuned to current technology trends and had skills that I believed would help bring some of my books to market. The creation of N&L Publishing was an experiment in 21st century digital emancipation.

The Breaking Point and Other Stories was our fourth published eBook and my third volume of short stories.

I do have one request. Dylan once wrote in his song Fourth Time Around, “Don’t forget, everybody must give something back for something they get.” If you read the book and enjoy it, please take a few moments to write a review at

Speaking of Dylan…

Tomorrow (April 6) volunteers will be gathering at the Armory Annex, 1325 London Road, to do remodeling work. This week’s project include some mudding and painting along with miscellaneous other tasks. If you’re not up to remodeling you can also drop in to see what is happening and have a cup of Alakef coffee. It’s a great opportunity to help the community and meet some of the artists who will be working there.

And don't forget... TONIGHT at the Prove Gallery in Duluth this year's Minnesota Book Award finalists will be reading their work. Come hear Dore Kiesselbach, Patricia Kirkpatrick and Jim Johnson, Duluth's first poet laureate from 2008-2010. 7:00 p.m.


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