Monday, April 28, 2014

Local Art Seen: Another Rewarding Weekend

Mark Anderson @ Goin' Postal
Where does one begin? This was an exceptional weekend for experiencing art. Yesterday I share images of student art. It seemed a few other highlights were in order from the Fourth Annual Spring Art Show at Goin' Postal to the other things seen about town on Art for Earth Day.

The highlight was Friday night's Goin' Postal Show which attracted continuous traffic throughout the evening. Like most people who guess crowd sizes I may be off by 25% one way or the other but I estimated at least 200 people passed through the doors there to see what was going on. The walls were filled with plenty of new work, in all media. The artists stayed busy sharing themselves with friends. The renovated underground studio held its own as a new venue in town, a private party open to the public.

Most impressive to me is the caliber of people involved with and attending the show, from a retired judge and business executives to people walking by on the street stopping in to see what's happening.

Revelation by Brokke
Mark Anderson played a soothing jazz guitar in the background while people mingled about the space that is by day Andrew Perfetti's shipping store. New work and old intermixed, just like the crowd.

On Saturday I commenced with the Phantom Galleries -- Superior, first stopping at Adam McCauley's and Sarah Brokke's exhibits in the New York Building. Brokke's show, on the left side of the pop-up gallery, was titled Shift. She's a painter's painter and does wonderful canvases. McCauley's loose grid shapes reminded me a bit of Mondrian, not in the colors per se but in the collection of squares and rectangular shapes. Both painters have a love of color, and a distinctive evolving style.

Sarah Brokke
Galleries in the Canal Park area include Art Dock, Siiviis and Waters of Superior. The latter has an upscale feel and always wonderful examples from some of our better known artists and photographers. It is the "home gallery" of Craig Blacklock, I believe.

Siiviis featured the work of Marian Lasky and Rick Allen of Kenspeckle Press, as well as their usual assortment of works. Adam Swanson was present with his uplifting hot air balloon and windmill-themed paintings.

From there I went to UMD and eventually home to work on projects, but "Oh the Things You'll See" if you visit our galleries. Here are some pictures I took this weekend.

Meantime, art goes on all around you. Need to step in out of the weather somewhere, choose an art gallery!

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