Friday, April 25, 2014

Local Art Seen: First Spark and Goin' Postal

Dusty Keliin
There's more to show than say here, so I will keep words to a minimum. Tonight is the 2014 Goin' Postal Spring Art Show and I thought I'd show some of what I saw last night as Andy Perfetti and friends were re-arranging the walls and halls and setting up. There's plenty of new work to see again as well as some new artists in the mix including AJ Atwater, Lee Englund, Jeff Peabody and Nicole Sippola.

The usual circle of Jeredt Runions, Becky Buchanan, Dusty Keliin, Eric Horn, Tara Stone, Chelsey Miller, Tal Lindblad, Sharon Rogers, John Heino, myself and others all have new things on display. Weather permitting this will be another great night of toasting the arts, eating well, and enjoying good music.

There will also be surprises. Ask me when you see me tonight. 816 Tower Avenue just across the tracks. 6 p.m. till whenever.

John Heino
Lee Englund
AJ Atwater
Nicole Sippola
In the event you missed the closing for First Spark, here are some images from that show which was on display in the Steffl Gallery at the Duluth Art Institue in the Depot through last weekend. The show featured work by students from area schools, K-12. It was inspiring.

Forecast for the weekend: Saturday will be the nice day weather-wise in the Twin Ports. The Gallery Hop will be a good excuse to get out. Save your chores till next weekend.

Enjoy the shows. On both sides of the bridge.

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