Monday, January 26, 2015

Local Art Seen: DAI Member Show 2015

Raven Speaks, by Sabdi Pillsury Gredzens
To my great disappointment I was unable to attend the 2015 Members Show opening reception at the Duluth Art Institute. As expected the opening this past Thursday was attended with exceptional enthusiasm. Though I couldn't be present myself (I was in Los Angeles) I received word that all was well in the Northland. Upon my return this weekend I was able to visit the As expected, the members show demonstrated once again that the Twin Ports continues to be vibrant and alive with creative energy. Many of the names a familiar, and many new. The show is worth seeing in person, whether during a lunch hour, evening or weekend.

Here's some of the work I saw this weekend upon my return from the West Coast. I was not disappointed.

Sarah Brokke's distinctive Vessel
The Messenger by Marlene Miller
Note the detail in Miller's piece.
Aaron Kloss gave us Golden Autumn Sunbeams
Note the energy in Ken Marunowsi's Charlie Parr
January Sunrise by Cynthia Tope
The Mute by the inimitable Fatih Benzer
Detail of Benzer's striking piece.
Lost in a Foreign Geography by Adam Swanson
The few pieces here in this blog entry barely touch the surface of all there is to see in this year's Member Show. There are five pieces by the Sell family alone. Though many familiar names can be found, there were likewise surprises, such as Robin Washington's No Cause for Alarm. As anticipated, it's another good crop of aesthetic nutrition. And when you stop to take it in, don't forget to slip upstairs to enjoy the Emerging Photographers exhibit as well. 

Meantime, art goes on all around you... Engage it.

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