Sunday, January 11, 2015

Local Art Seen: Piszczek and Tornabene at Duluth's Newest Piano Shop

Friday evening I attended a joint exhibit featuring work by nature photographer Ladona Tornabene, Ph.D. and Esther Piszczek at Pierce & Piszczek Fine Pianos, 405 E. Superior Street. Professor Tornabene, who teaches health education at UMD, sees photography as a strong medium to promote health. From simply being in nature, to walking to the perfect photo spot, to gathering with friends for a photo shoot, or basking in the beauty of creation—all impacts health.

So it is that the new Pierce & Piszczek piano shop seemed the quintessentially perfect place to host a show of this nature. Whether listening to a virtuoso pianist or just playing for oneself, music can be as healing as a hot bath, or a walk through a remote forest, as breathtaking as a mountaintop vista.

This week is the grand opening for Pierce and Piszczek Fine Pianos, and Friday night's event in part must have been scheduled as a teaser to help increase awareness. The pianos at Pierce and Piszczek are themselves works of art, as is the photography and Zentangle-inspired works by Esther Piszczek, who has branched out into a making her art over a variety of substrates. Most currently she has been obtaining mirrors through various means, transforming each into its own set of designs. But her other expressions are all about the space.

Pianos, fabulous photography (beautifully framed) and Piszczek's detailed designs all make for a peaceful space, especially when your visit is accompanied by grand player piano playing Chopin and Beethoven.

If you can't afford a piano but enjoy a backdrop of relaxing piano accompaniment while you write or make art, I can't say enough about the CD's available from Quiet Heart Music, produced by Yamaha artist Henry Wiens. It is a site worth bookmarking.

In the meantime, here are some photos of what I saw Friday. To see more of Professor Tornabene's visit her website. You can find Esther's art at Esther Piszczek Designs.

Pianos R Us
On Golden Pond
EdNote: There are numerous events scheduled this week at Pierce and Piszczek Fine Pianos including a Clavinova Showcase Wednesday, a Thursday morning Seminar, a "Baby (Grand) Night for Singing and music with Ryan Frane and Friends, all leading up to Saturday's Grand Opening Gala. Visit their website for details.

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