Saturday, January 10, 2015

Stuff Goin' On 'Round Town

Thursday and Friday I attended a few events that I look forward to sharing about. In the meantime, here are some things happening this weekend plus something to look forward to.

Rubber Chicken Theater is putting on Chicken Hat Plays #12 tonight. See if you can find out where by reading this informational Facebook announcement.

Looking for new ways to make beautiful things? Studio 15 is holding a workshop tomorrow afternoon called Art Relaxation Techniques through Paper Marbling. The recently opened Studio 15 is utilizing a space on 3rd Avenue West, halfway up the block on the left. They also have a Kids Art workshop at 2:00-4:00 p.m. tomorrow in which kids will learn Paper Dying. Don't kid yourself. Art can be fun.

And finally, for something completely different, Studio 15 is doing "Life Casting" next week. I do not know how they accomplish it in the scheduled two hours, but it looks interesting. You can read about it and sign up on Facebook.

Finally, mark your calendars for January 31st. The Armory Arts and Music Center is hosting a Winter Dance Party, celebrating the 56th anniversary of the Winter Dance Party with Buddy Holly at the historic Duluth Armory. The music will be top notch, featuring a number of the musicians who were here last spring for the Salute to the Music of Bob Dylan. They call themselves The Travelons - Lonnie Knight, Stan Kipper, Gary Lopac, Gene LaFond, Jim Steinworth and Amy Grillo.

If you can find something to wear, dress in your best 50's garb and you may win the Best Dressed Award. Put on your dancing shoes and compete in the 2015 Winter Dance Party dance contest. The evening will also include a silent auction and cash bar.

Finally, the Nice Girls of the North Second Saturday Marketplace is open today. Heat up your car, go for a drive up to Lakeside... and see cool stuff. Skip the mall. Buy local.

Meantime... art goes on all around you. 

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