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Do You Like Dylan Trivia? Duluth Dylan Fest Kickoff Is One Week Away

Well, we're officially one week away.  Duluth Dylan Fest kicks off next Sunday at Carmody's Irish Pub with two events this year. First will be the 48-hour Dylan Film Fest Kick-off at 7 p.m.  It's actually a competition in which filmmakers have 48 hours to assemble a music video around a five minute Dylan song. This is the first year for this event. Details here.

If you stick around till nine (it's unlikely our film making teams will be staying) you can join us for Dylan Pub Trivia at 9 p.m., Pub trivia Dylan-style. Both of these events are Free

Here are the 25 questions we asked two years ago...

1. Which of the following is NOT a Dylan related website?

2. Why did Dylan, who lived in Woodstock, NY, not perform at Woodstock?
a. He was not in the mood.
b. He was recovering from a motorcycle accident.
c. He was packing for the Isle of Wight festival that he was headlining.
d. He was producing a film in Hollywood.

3. The Martin Scorsese documentary about Dylan is titled….
a. Don’t Look Back
b. No Direction Home
c. Dylan Does Dixie
d. Knockin’ On Heaven’s Door

4. In addition to being a song writer, Dylan is also…
a. A sculptor
b. A clarinet player
c. A novelist
d. A physics professor

5. Which of these is the latest release from the Dylan catalog?
a. Tempest
b. Bootleg Series, Volume 10
c. The 30th Anniversary Concert Celebration
d. Best of Dylan, Volume 4

6. Which song was NOT the first song on a Sixties Dylan album?
a. Like a Rolling Stone
b. Girl from the North Country
c. If Not For You
d. The Times They Are A-Changin’

7. Bob Dylan Way in Duluth starts on…
a. Highway 61
b. Michigan Street
c. Positively Fourth Street
d. Grand Avenue

8. The tender and beautiful song Lay Down Your Weary Tune was performed live only once, in 1963. If you wanted to hear it today, which album would you need to listen to?
a. Highway 61 Revisited
b. Biograph
c. Bootleg Series Volume 12
d. Another Side of Bob Dylan

9. This is one of Dylan’s longest songs. It begins with these lyrics:
With your mercury mouth in the missionary times
And your eyes like smoke and your prayers like rhymes
What is the title of the song?
a. Nettie Moore
b. Dreaming of You
c. Highlands
d. Sad-Eyed Lady of the Lowlands

10. Which of these was NOT a double album or double CD?
a. Blonde on Blonde
b. Greatest Hits Volume 2
c. Bootleg Series Volume 7
d. Together Through Life

11. Scarlet Rivera was the featured violinist on Dylan’s Rolling Thunder Revue and What Album?
a. Blood on the Tracks
b. Infidels
c. Desire
d. Street Legal

12. One of Bob Dylan’s best friends broke his neck in an accident in high school. When he later became famous Dylan remained a life-long friend. His name was:
a. Jack Frost
b. Larry Kegan
c. Bill Berg
d. Ian Bell

13. Dylan, when interviewed by Rolling Stone, expressed his feelings about Duluth in this way:
a. He didn’t want to talk about it.
b. “When I was in Hibbing I wanted to be Little Richard.”
c. “I like the way the hills tumble to the waterfront and the way the wind blows around the grain elevators.”
d. “I’ve often thought I should have been born in San Francisco.”

14. Which of these people did NOT play Dylan in the film I’m Not There?
a. Luke Wilson
b. Cate Blanchett
c. Richard Gere
d. Christian Bale

15. Only a Pawn in Their Game is about the shooting of what civil rights leader?
a. Malcolm X
b. Blind Willie McTell
c. Dr. Martin Luther King
d. Medgar Evers

16. What two instrmuents did Dylan play in his 2013 concert in Bayfront Park
a. Harmonica and guitar
b. Guitar and Piano
c. Piano and harmonica
d. Tambourine and Guitar

17. How old was Bob Dylan when he moved with his family from Duluth to Hibbing?
a. 9
b. 6
c. 3
d. 11

18. Dylan has performed this song in concert 2198 times, more than any other song he’s written, but it was not on his first 8 albums. What is…
a. Tangled Up In Blue
b. Blowing in the Wind
c. All Along the Watchtower
d. Norwegian Wood

19. When did Dylan first meet the Beatles?
a. August 1964 at the Delmonica Hotel
b. Backstage on the Ed Sullivan Show, January 1964
c. Backstage at Dylan’s first concert in Manchester, England, April 1965
d. June 1965 at the Chelsea Hotel

20. Dylan won a Grammy for what comeback album in the late 90’s?
a. Love and Theft
b. Time Out of Mind
c. Modern Times
d. Christmas in the Heart

21. Dylan has famously produced quite a few LONG very long songs. Which of the following is the shortest?
a. Desolation Row
b. Sad-Eyed Lady of the Lowlands
c. Highlands
d. Fourth Time Around

22. Which of these writers did NOT write a book about Bob Dylan?
a. Greil Marcus
b. Howard Sounes
c. Kiki Stone
d. Robert Shelton

23. Which of the following albums was NOT part of the trilogy of albums recorded during Dylan’s “Gospel Period”?
a. Shot of Love
b. Oh Mercy
c. Saved
d. Slow Train Coming

24. The answer, my friend, is blowing in the wind. Which one of these was not one of the questions?
a. How many roads must a man walk down before they call him a man?
b. How many years must some people exist before they’re allowed to be free?
c. How many ways must he seek till he finds a path to that satisfied mind?
d. How many deaths will it take till he knows that too many people have died?

25. In what song did Dylan write this line: “There are many here among us who feel that life is but a joke.”
a. Jokerman
b. World Gone Wrong
c. All Along the Watchtower
d. All the Tired Horses

* * * * *
Most of these trivia questions are fairly easy for avid fans. In the event that you do have trouble, since I am not providing an answer key here at the end, you can probably find many of the answers at the links in question one. For the rest, ask Google. He never rests, is always there to help.

Last year's Dylan Trivia generated a complaint that it was too hard for some, so this year I again eased off a little. Since one aim is simply to educate, so Dylan Trivia Night at Carmody's is a form of edutainment, like the History Channel -- except there's beer. There are also prizes. Don't worry about what you don't know. If I remember correctly I think you get to be on teams.

* * * *
Another event taking place this coming week is the release of Dylan's new album Fallen Angels on May 20. You can read the review by Anne Margaret Daniel here.

* * * * 
The countdown has begun. If you see me say hello. I won't be in Tangiers.
This being Bob Dylan's 75th birthday, Duluth is pulling out all the stops. But if you can't make it here, pay attention to and see if you have an event near you on May 24. I saw at least one announced in Germany, and in points East and West.... 

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