Friday, May 6, 2016

Dylan Art Seen: Daniel Botkin's "Busy Being Born" at The Red Mug

One of the highlights of Hibbing's annual Dylan Days celebration each year was the art competition. Daniel Botkin, a lifelong Dylan fan from Chicago, won the painting competition in 2012. Even though a Dylan-inspired art competition is no more, the notion of Art being a part of Duluth Dylan Fest is embedded in our DNA.  Dylan himself has been making pictures -- painting, drawing, film -- much of his life so that it's only natural that a film component and an art component be part of Duluth Dylan Fest. Interestingly, it is the film component that's a competition this year.

As for art, Red Mug Coffeehouse will again host the reception and adorn its walls with Dylan-themed paintings and compositions. The artist is Daniel Botkin, a Baby Boomer who became enamored with the music of Bob Dylan when he was a teen. We both remember Like A Rolling Stone came out. Botkin bought the 45 rpm record.

Once glance and you immediately see another influence on Botkin: Salvador Dali. A former pastor of 17 years, you can read more about the artist here. His art will be on the walls of the Red Mug will May 29. You can also visit his website at

On Monday, May23 there will be a reception at the Red Mug including live music and the society of friends along with Suzanne's very special Dylan-inspired culinary delights. Daniel will give an artist talk about the work at 6:30. We hope to see you there.

Cowboy Angel Blue
A favorite local band that plays an extensive range of Dylan songs is our Northland's Cowboy Angel Blue, who will be performing inside Karpeles Manuscript Museum on Wednesday May 25, another Dylan Fest event you will not want to miss. 

Breaking News: Read Minnesota Brown's great blog post about Duluth Dylan Fest including the Hibbing Bus Tour that is again on the menu. 

Meantime, there's plenty more to say about this year's Dylan Fest, but for now... simply mark your calendars and buy tickets for those events that require them because when they sell out you will be out of luck. See you there.

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