Friday, May 27, 2016

Duluth Dylan Fest 2016: The Rex, the Films and Blood on the Tracks Express

First off, a plug for the new Bringing It All Back to Duluth Does Dylan which was introduced on Bob's birthday. Like, wow. This is an exceptional CD. Each of the performers has risen to the occasion. Definitely not a CD you buy just be be Minnesota nice to your friends.

Here's the thought I had Tuesday night at The Rex as the various bands performed at the CD release party. We have all been to a major fireworks show at one time or another, if not annually for the Fourth of July. The way the show is produced, rockets fire up into the sky and through physics and pyrotechnics all kinds of spectacles occur, stimulating and dazzling the eye.

So the observation I made as all these bands were interpreting the many fabulous tunes they selected was this: the rockets that propelled all those colorful explosives skyward were the songs of Bob Dylan. Each song then get interpreted, re-invented, revitalized, re-created into this sensational display that defies confinement, defies explanation, is nothing short of a phenomenon.

Feeding Leroy, gettin' down.
And earlier that evening we saw two songs that were reconfigured in an altogether domain, into the visual realm of film. As I watched Amanda Sundin and Lindsay Wayt's interpretation of "Things Have Changed" I had an immense grin the entire time. The film was told with scenes and settings that translated the lyrics into story. Being familiar with the song, a favorite of many including myself, made it all the more enjoyable.

Team two tackled "To Ramona." Kate Harrison demonstrated her skills as a director and editor. The rest of the team included Chris Linder, Leander Van Ess, and Ramona (KDLH news producer Mona Jeanne.) Both films will be aired again during the "shorts" portion of the DuSu Film Festival.

Bringing It All Back To Duluth Does Dylan will not disappoint any Dylan fan. Whatever your expectations, it is my expectation that this compilation of Duluth musicians interpreting Dylan will exceed your expectations. You can purchase the CD at Duluth Does Dylan.

* * * *
As for the train, it was treat to have a couple extra cars attached at the front, The Million Dollar Bash Car which included music by CowboyAngel Blue, and a car for getting access to service as well as a little quiet.

It's been my experience that no matter where you hang it is a good time, especially when shared with friends or lovers. At on end of the train is an acoustic car and the tail is an electric car. Feeding Leroy fed the crowds on the trip to Two Harbors and Superior Siren stirred them on the return trip in the acoustic car. These two groups were tremendous fun. At the far end there was a packed crowd listening to Erik Koskinen going North, and the4onthefloor rocking on the way back.

And then, of course, there is the destination experience as the Boomchucks change their names to the Freewheelers and amp up the crowd with funtabulous frenetic energy. This year included a very nice four page handout with information about the bands and a few rules of the rails. It was nice addition to a special evening.

Here are some photo to help give you a sense of the event if you weren't there. Maybe we'll see you here next year? We had friends from England, California, France, Texas and Australia, among other places.
"May we interest you in Jello shots? Two for a dollar."

* * * * 
So much for the hoopla. I think most folks got home safe. Some folks wisely took Friday off so they could sleep in, get rested for tonight's Singer/Songwriter Contest, a popular event from Hibbing's Dylan Days that is now incorporated into our week. 

Tomorrow morning at 11:00 is the Official Dylan Fest Postage Stamp Cancellation at the Armory Annex, with music across the street by Marc Gartman in the afternoon at Valentini's. 

Then in the evening the Basement Tapes / Great White Wonder Concert will take you home.  Show starts at 7:00 but arrive early because there's a bit of road construction that will inhibit your path to a premium parking spot. The show will be worth it though.

Meantime.... what a great week of events so far. See you on the scene.

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Great article. I was happy to be a part of it. Thanks for sharing the memory.