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Six Articles Of Interest Leading Into Duluth Dylan Fest and Bob's 75th Birthday Week

I can't remember exactly when I began to feel myself to be a part of the Duluth Dylan Fest team. I've been covering this event here for years it seems. Two years ago I was asked to create the trivia contest that takes place on Sunday evening at Carmody's Irish Pub so that this year marks my third year of "official" involvement, though I've participated on the periphery for many years previous. The big surprise as I've gotten more deeply involved is the number of things I've learned about but can't talk about. And then there are all the rumors. As Dylan himself once song, "I've heard rumors all over town..." Or as Tina, Marvin and a host of others have sung, "believe half of what you see and none of what you hear." For the record, if you live here in the Northland you start to hear a lot. For myself, it's been a privilege to help promote the week's events, which kicked off last night with the new Dylan Music Video Contest at 7 p.m.

This team leaves to produce "To Ramona"
A pre-selected set of 5 minute songs had been placed in a box and each team that signed up wwas instructed to draw a name, as if drawing names out of a hat. Tomorrow night we'll re-convene at the Zinema Theater for the screening. 48 hours is the time frame. The winning music vid will be aired during next week's DuSu Film Festival. The four contestants included: Justin Anderson (Just Like A Woman); Ramona, Kate, Chris and Leander (To Ramona); Amanda Sundin and Lindsay Wayt (Things Have Changed); and Tamaye Ceannaideach (Mississippi.) The Dylan song that immediately came to mind: "I Can't Wait."

This was followed at 9 p.m. by the Dylan-Themed Trivia on Sunday nights at Carmody's, now in its sixth season, and it was nice to see such a healthy crowd for the event. Big "shout out" to Frank & Patty, who flew in from California for the kick-off of Dylan Fest and won first place by correctly guessing 24 out of 25 answers. Congratulations!

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Here are a half-dozen links to stories you can find online related to Bob's birthday tomorrow or Duluth Dylan Fest.

Our View: It’s OK to celebrate Dylan

"Duluth Dylan Fest kicks off Sunday and includes music — lots of music — a bus tour from Duluth to Hibbing and back, a film festival and the unveiling of a commemorative plaque at Dylan’s first home in the Duluth hillside."

Joseph O’Connor: a letter to Bob Dylan ahead of his 75th birthday

"I don’t know how many times I’ve since listened to Desire, but it must be hundreds. As for Blood on the Tracks, Slow Train Coming, Saved, the magnificent Street Legal, Empire Burlesque, Knocked Out Loaded, Time Out of Mind: they were part of the soundtrack to my life. You’re a wintry walk on Dún Laoghaire pier with my first girlfriend, you’re a voice in a student bedsit at dawn, then a presence from a car radio late at night as I drive the streets of London with my baby son, to help him sleep."

Duluth rallies around Bob Dylan's 75th birthday as Hibbing struggles

"Duluth is commemorating the birthday in a variety of ways, including an impressive exhibit of Pagel's items, a tribute album and concert, and the unveiling of a plaque at Dylan's childhood home. But 75 miles away in Hibbing, where he lived from ages 6 to 18, the only formal event will be a bus tour — from Duluth."

The Photographer Who Captured Bob Dylan’s Electric Transition
"Daniel Kramer took intimate photographs of Bob Dylan during the musician’s transformation from king of folk to rock pioneer. Here they are in a beautiful new book."

What's really cool about this story is that you can see some of pages from Daniel Kramer's earlier version of his book of photos... covered with Bob Dylan's handwriting. These are on display at Karpeles Manuscript Library Museum which you must take time to visit this week while you're here. (Pictured top right.)

Forever young: 25 things you should know about Bob Dylan on his 75th birthday

The photo on the right headlines this Trib story.
There are a lot of interesting facts in this story which appeared in Sunday's Minneapolis Star Tribune. Here's one I wanted to draw attention to:

"3. The turning point in Dylan’s career was a New York Times review by Robert Shelton in September 1961. It led to his contract with Columbia Records."

This original NY Times story is also on display this week at Karpeles in the Bill Pagel exhibit here in Duluth. In addition, the photo used to lead into the article -- Dylan receiving the Medal of Freedom from President Obama -- is also in this exhibit.

Dylan Art Seen: Daniel Botkin's "Busy Being Born" at The Red Mug

Ok, so this one is a reminder that a special reception for Daniel Botkin's "Busy Being Born" is happening tonight. Music starts at 4:30 p.m. with an artist talk at 6:00. Join us!

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