Wednesday, June 26, 2019

Matt Oman's Species of Art, Revisited and a Pair of Arts-Related Reminders

Last week I was notified that Matt Oman has added some new work and re-arranged the gallery space in his garage. I first wrote about Matt after visiting in 2012 at which time he stated, “I don’t think I mentioned that my biggest/favorite/most complex piece of artwork is my house.”

Oman graduated from UMD as a history major, but it was his love of beauty that attracted him to the arts. His works are generally small compositions of mixed media, collage or other compositions. Conceptual artists work in ideas or words. Oman's pieces each have a story, a concept, a revelation.

The words Species of Art is imprinted just inside the door of his garage, which has become a moniker of sorts for this garage cum gallery. Many of the pieces have no identifying titles or comments, but others include words, which sometimes offer keys for unlocking other meanings. Here are some of the words that appear on the various pieces:

Section 1: The Cultural
Pool of Water
The Smallest Blue Dot
Science/What are the Chances?/Understanding the Universe
Intelligence Tested
Destroy All Monsters and Goddess
The Female Gaze
Lord Gallery
Romantic Realist
The Story of Human Language. Creation Myths
Bat Cave

If you were to visit, you would find many pieces that are simply thought provoking, and others that reveal a humorous wit. 
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49th Annual Park Point Art Fair
Saturday and Sunday, 10 a.m. to 5 p.m.

1st Anniversary
Downtown Duluth Arts Walk
Details Here

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Summer is here. Enjoy the sunshine!

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