Thursday, May 27, 2021

Throwback Thursday: Together Through Life, 10 Years Later


I woke about an hour early this morning. As I lay there my mind began planning the day as it often does. Call Mom at eight, as is my custom. Pick up paintings from Homegrown Art Festival at 2:30... visit an artist's studio at three... paint in my studio and listen to Highway 61 Revisited, a.k.a the Dylan Hour, on KUMD at five... make a decision about going to the Million Dollar Bash at Beaners later. 
While thinking thus I drifted back to sleep. Then the alarm went off. Whoa! It's Friday!!!! Gotta go to work! 
It's been one busy, jam-packed week, and we're not done yet. Tonight there will be a couple more art events and still more Dylan activities. The Open House at Maggie Flowers Interior Design is a three day French Fling based on the European flea market motif. I have a number of new paintings there (Thursday thru Saturday) and will be there myself from 5-7 p.m. Location is at the corner of 15th Avenue East and Superior Street here in Duluth. Visit for more information. 

From there I will be running over to a one night only art show aptly titled Ten Emerging Artists at the former European Bakery, 109 West First Street, again in Duluth. Ten artists will be on display, or rather their work will be. I strongly encourage anyone who's out and about to drop in to see the art and photography of Adam Rosenthal, Alexander Hanson, Anthony Zappa, Brent Erickson, David Moreira, Justin Iverson, Leon Nyarecha, Rob K-Sm Nicolas Monson and Steven J Read. 

To my dismay I will again miss the singer-songwriter competition at Hibbing Auditorium, perhaps the highlight event of Dylan Days there. But for Duluth-bound fans, the Brewhouse will be putting it all out there as Duluth Does Dylan to their hearts content. 

If you're here from out of town and looking for something to do to kill time till tonight's activities, you might want to drive along our Skyline Drive and take in some of the views of the bay, the ore docks, bridges, ships and Lake Superior. Any time, day or night, Skyline Drive offers great vistas. 
You also may want to drive past 519 Third Avenue East and take a peek at the house young Bob Zimmerman once lived in till he was age six and his family moved to Hibbing. The fellow who purchased this house ten years ago is himself a Dylan fan and has been renovating it as time goes by. He maintains one of the most comprehensive Dylan sites on the internet if you need to know anything and everything Dylan, from tour dates to links to stories in the news. This morning there are 24 of the latter. The web address is 
In the meantime, enjoy the sun and the moon and the music and your friends. And have a great Memorial Day weekend. Don't forget Sunday's Battle of the Jugbands. Till the morrow.... 

PHOTO Top right: Drawing based on cover of Dylan's Street Legal. I placed it here because it looks like a guy looking for something. This week a lot of people were looking for Dylan. He turned 70, a milestone for any of us, and being a human like the rest of us, he very likely blew out birthday candles like the rest of us. Where did it happen? You can find quite a few articles online this week asking that very question. 

After half a century of listening to Dylan music, you might say we've been Together Through Life.


Unknown said...

Excepted "it s all good" and "this dream of you" I didnt like at all "TOGETHER THROUGH LIFE" in 2011 I was listening to the sublime "TELL TALE SIGN" in boucle while I was painting frenetically. I had plenty of time and inspiration. I saw Bob Dylan in concert many times especially in Milano (Italy) at "the Alcatraz" a fabulous concert I met many interesting people and I was still feeling young!
It seems like it was the same to you, it was "la vie d'artiste". Such a thrill!
I was also making videos I used to post on Youtube. I shared one on your FBook page. There are many photos by David Lachapelle in the video. I love his kind of humour! Thanks ED!

Unknown said...

I also had a comment on the portrait of Bob. The clair-obscur technique gives a lot of mystery to Bob's face as we don't see his eyes but we feel like he is staring at us. If he would like to speak, what he's got to say might be serious like a revelation. If we look at this portrait long enough maybe we might hear a voice...
This is one of my favorite amongst all your portrait ED!

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