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Hanno Hochmuth's "Warhol Bob" and a Tempest Translation

"Warhol Bob"

One of the features of Hibbing Days in the years that preceded Duluth Dylan Fest was an art competition of sorts. Artists could also do some live painting and, as everyone who had ever been inside Zimmy's knows, visual arts were a big part of the atmosphere there. Thus it was only natural that a component of Duluth Dylan Fest would include art.

This past week I shared some work by a new artist that I had discovered from France, Claude-Angèle BONI. While doing a search online for more of her work I discovered the section of Expecting Rain devoted to visual arts. Here I discovered Hanno Hochmuth's "Warhol Bob".

If the piece looks familiar to you for some reason, it may be because you saw it used as cover art for Benjamin Hedin's Studio A, published by W.W. Norton. (Based on the praise by Salman Rushdie and Publishers Weekly, this is a "must own" volume.)

Hanno Hochmuth currently lives in Berlin, where he was born and raised. In 2001-2002 Hochmuth spent a year in the Twin Cities at the University of Minnesota, living near Prospect Park ("All Along the Watchtower"). In addition to being a Dylan fan, he teaches German, Urban and Public History at the Free University Berlin. He has been a Research Fellow at the Leibniz Center for Contemporary History in Potsdam (ZZF) since 2011. 

Hochmuth states that he has always been inspired by the music of Bob Dylan and that his favorite song is "Ballad of a Thin Man." (Is this my long lost brother from Germany?) 

"A couple years ago I translated his 14-minute song "Tempest" into German. The epic story of the sinking of the Titanic impressed me a lot," he writes. Follow this link to the as yet unpublished translation, which has been titled Der Sturm.

EdNote: One of the great ways to develop language skills is to read translations and perform them. I have enjoyed my book of Rilke poems in German and English side-by-side. I have Gide's wonderful novel Isabelle in a French and English translation side-by-side. 

In addition to his work as a historian and admiration of Bob Dylan, Hochmuth enjoys pohtography, which he shares on Instagram at this location:

Thank you, Hanno, for sharing a little of yourself with us. 

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