Wednesday, August 3, 2022

National Night Out In Solway

Horst, the man who manages our recycle center, raises alpaca.
His wife knits products with their wool. They brought three
for the kids to see and enjoy.
Did you participate in Tuesday's National Night Out? I decided to see what was shakin' here in our neighborhood. Community leaders organized a Solway Township event at the Munger Town Hall, which is located on the corner of Highway 2 and Munger Shaw Road across the street from the Munger Tavern.

There was live music, free food (hot dogs, chips, cookies, ice cream), a few classic cars, some animals and rides for kids. The volunteer fire department had its trucks and equipment on display. And even a representative from the county's sheriff department was on hand for a bit.

Here's an interesting comparison/contrast. The Solway Township is nearly a square six miles long by six miles wide, just under 36 sq. miles. As of 2018 it had a population of less than 2,000. By way of contrast, San Francisco has a land area just under seven by seven square miles. Its population is 874,000. 

This is the invitation we received.
For even more mind-bending numbers compare Solway to Manhattan. Manhattan is only 22 miles square but they house almost twice as many people as SF. When you compare these three communities it's mind boggling. Solway has zero crime. (Or it seems that way.) No homeless people die on our rural streets. There's never been a riot here. It's pretty quiet here. 

So National Night Out was a big event. Here are some photos. If you're weary of being afraid of vandalism or carjackings in your big city and want to move here, I believe we still have room for you. 

The kiddies had fun on this "train ride." 
Fire hall and recycle center in background.

Why are fire engines red?

First responder vehicle.
Young firefighters learn how to hold and aim a hose.

I should have taken photos of the crowd because it was a nice turnout. I got into a couple discussions about our biggest community issue right now: mail delivery has been spotty lately. 

Did you celebrate with your neighbors last night? Did you learn anything new? 

Let the sunshine in.

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