Wednesday, March 15, 2023

Almost Wordless Wednesday: Every Picture Tells A Story

Lots of half written blog posts falling between the cracks.
Here are a few photos to fill in for a day.

Ed's famous one-egg omelet: Irish cheese, brat, onion, mushrooms
"How high's the snow drift, mama?"
"It's a-six feet high and risin'"
Collaboration: Susan Laing, Dream AI and myself.
Yes, that's C, S & N.

Restroom sign and bottom four photos here
courtesy Gary Firstenberg. 

In college I got it into my head that each new painting I did should be the most important work of my life. That's a pretty high bar to set for oneself. This puts a lot of pressure on you, A Nobel prize winning author once noted that one is not obligated to record only important things in their journals, and I would say the same for blogging. 

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