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Five Minutes with Eris Vafias and Tomorrow's Art Kamikaze 3

Art Kamikaze 3

Thursday, March 3 · 7:00pm - 9:00pm
Pizza Luce-Duluth 

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limbo gallery 

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What will the artists come up with? Who got teamed up with who? Can they work together to complete the project? Who will win? Mark your calendars and come and see for yourself! General in person voting $1 per vote (March 3 from 6-8 p.m.)... no absentee votes.
It's called Art Kamikaze and this is year three of this fascinating event. The impetus behind the show, which will be on display throughout themonth of March at Pizza Luce in Duluth, is Eris Vafias. This year there are 21 teams (42 artists) whose collaborative works will be delivered today for the opening tomorrow evening. The artists are paired in late fall and given the overall theme. This year it is ELEMENTS. I've been paired with a your photographer named Lydia Walker. I can't show you any pictures of our work because there will be voting tomorrow night and the voting is "blind" in that the artists' names are concealed. I know several of the artists who will be there and I can tell you there is a lot of excitement in the air here in Duluth.

Ennyman: What inspired you to do the Artist Kamikaze show?
Eris: Ha,'s a bit hazy how the Artist Kamikaze originated, but if memory serves me right....I think it was during a conversation with Heiko regarding the Rock and Roll Kamikaze... and I thought (and may have said aloud), "Hmmm....we should do something like this with artists." One thing lead to another and Pizza Luce agreed to host same. It is an excellent show for new artists to "break into" the art scene. It is also a wonderful opportunity for more seasoned artists who want to try something new or push their artistic boundaries. It is a unique experience to work with and meet other artists in the area no matter the skill level or experience.

Enny: When is the opening and who is invited?
Eris: The opening is Thursday 7-9 (with voting 6:30 - 8) at Pizza Luce it is a public event, so anyone who wants to attend, should attend.

Enny: This is your third year doing this. The theme is Elements.
What were your themes the first two years?
Eris: The first year the theme was "gnomes" and the second year was "time". They are decided by whim.

Enny: What did you learn from those first two experiences?

Eris: I have learned that it is a challenging, yet rewarding, process for artists to collaborate with each other. Some teams succeed where others fail and lots of teams (not all) seem to wait until the last minute and then rush to complete their projects in the 11th hour. If there is one thing I can count on, it is that I cannot count on anything; I cannot foresee what will happen, who will drop out and how many pieces we will end up with at the end of the day, but I guess that's part of the excitment...

Enny: Anything else you would like to share here?
Eris: Artists who have participated in years past report looking forward to participating in the future Artist Kamikazes and I always look forward to seeing the end result and sharing it with the masses.

Special thanks to Jitters and Carmody's Irish Pub for their continued support and to Pizza Luce for hosting the Artist Kamikaze.

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