Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Ten Minutes with Artist Laurie Frick

There are many blogs and artist websites that mention other artists they like. When I have time I like to explore some of these links and several months ago discovered Laurie Frick's compelling work. Unfortunately I forgot to bookmark it and a week later could not recall who or where it was, but did not forget what I had seen.

Two weeks ago, I again came upon Ms. Frick's work, and this time did the right thing. Once bookmarked I could return, make contact and share her with you.

Ennyman: You're originally from L.A. How did you end up in both Austin and New York?
LF: Went to graduate school at USC, found high-technology incredibly compelling, moving up the ranks to eventual SVP level. Lived in LA, the Bay Area, Houston and eventually Austin….which is an incredibly fine city. Split time with NY to stay connected to my art-friends and community.

E: When did you first become serious about following a creative life
path? How did this happen?
LF: Quit my job, and began an art education in early 2003. Went to NY and graduated with an MFA in 2007.

E: Who were your early influences?
LF: Ambroglio Lorenzetti, early 14th century painter in Sienna, Italy.

E: Whose work inspires you today?
LF: Sooooo many. Still Lorenzetti, and am drawn to non-art sources, mostly in neuroscience.

E: And where IS the line between art and neuroscience?
LF: Both are fueled by the suggestion of an idea, or an hypothesis that needs to be tested and slowly proven. Both begin with the hope of an idea that will eventually be proven or tossed aside.

E: What is the relationship between your ink/watercolor drawings and your sleep patterns? That is, are you striving for some kind of literal brain activity mapping here or is it more nebulous? Is it some form of
LF: There is a direct relationship of the data gathered from nightly sleep data, and the watercolor drawings. The data is rigorously followed, where the wood cut pieces begin to bring in the element of chance.

See more of Laurie Frick's work on YouTube.
Or at www.lauriefrick.com

For best enjoyment, click images to enlarge.

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