Sunday, March 13, 2011

Two Artists: Francis Alys and Pere Salinas

Today's ArtDaily enews included a story about Antwerp-born Belgian artist Francis Alys. A Wikipedia entry on Alys tells me he has lived in Mexico City since 1986 after studying in Tournai and Venice. His most famous work is titled When Faith Moves Mountains, which he produced in Peru with 500 volunteers.

What's interesting to me is that if you search Google Images you can pull up countless thumbnail images of Alys' art, or any artist you wish to get acquainted with for that matter. Don't know what Miro's work looks like? It's all there. Looking for ideas? Follow the hyperlinked cyber-yellow brick road.

The second artist I would introduce you to is Pere Salinas. Salinas, having found my January blog entries on Fernando Pessoa, sent me an email inviting me to visit two artist's books in tribute to the Portugese poet/philosopher. Upon visiting Salinas' website I his work inspiring and inspired.

In addition to paintings, collages and drawings Salinas, who hails from Barcelona, makes art books. Here's a link to some of the work on his website.

This is the original link he sent to me regarding his two books in response to Pessoa.

And if you have time, check out his YouTube video, titled Contra Pessoa. Against a backdrop of Spanish guitar, the art is simply delicious.

Or visit

Open your eyes.... and see more of your world.

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ENNYMAN said...

A couple weeks ago I received a correction to the information on this blog. Near the end when referring to the link "books in response to Pessoa" by Spanish artist Pere Salinas I wrote "Against a backdrop of Spanish guitar, the art is simply delicious."

An informed reader noted for me that the guitar is a Classic one, not Spanish and is played by Portuguese composer and musician Pedro Ayres Magalhães. The name of the song is "O Cantador da Noite" (Night Singer) of the Group Madredeus. It was created for a ballet, choreography of Fonseca Welcome to 19 songs performed live by the musical group Madredeus and dance company Ballet Comteporâneo Lisbon - June 29, 2006
The name of the singer is Teresa Salgueiro... excellent voice

Thank you kind reader for this correction. Here are links to related YouTube videos...