Tuesday, March 22, 2011

127 Hours

Whew! Just finished watching 127 Hours. Great film.

You’ve no doubt heard about this movie as it was nominated for an Oscar. You may have heard it’s about a guy who cuts off his arm to survive a climbing accident. THIS FILM IS NOT ABOUT A GUY WHO CUTS OFF HIS ARM TO SURVIVE AN ACCIDENT.

This is a film about the meaning of life. It is a film about what it takes to get us to see who we are and what our lives are all about. It is about the profound clarity of insight one can get when stuck between a rock and a hard place.

127 Hours features the struggle of the moment, but in coming face to face with death his life passes before his eyes as well. It is a story of remembering. And a story of unfinished dreams. A story about the weariness of unaltered circumstances, nostalgia and sadness.

I shied away because I really, really did not want to see a guy cut off his arm. And guess what? This film did not exploit that in the least, because it was not about cutting off an arm. It was about a self-sufficient man brought low… his altered states. And values. And hope. It’s about life.

127 Hours comes highly recommended. Yes, there is some intensity. It’s compelling. James Franco as Aron Ralston performs magnificently. Right from the start I was all in. Kudos to director Danny Boyle for what he has achieved in translating this dramatic story to film.

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