Saturday, March 12, 2011

Wishful Thinking

Saturday, March 12
Don't forget to turn your clocks forward tonight. Spring... forward.
This morning I woke with the song Saturday in the Park by Chicago. Saturday is good.

Though never taking a stab at stand-up comedy, my father-in-law does have a wry humor that tickles a funny bone now and then. On one occasion, many years ago, he asked if I might help him write up and submit a handful of humorous anecdotes to Reader's Digest. Here are two of them from his experiences at the local farmer's market.

Sweet Thoughts

One of the things we sell at our retail farmer's market is super sweet corn. Some years ago it had to be explained that even though it looked older and was a darker yellow in color that it was super sweet and didn't lose its sweetness as it got older.

On one occasion, I was talking up our corn to a middle aged lady, emphasizing that this corn was extra sweet and actually stayed that way when it was older. She replied ruefully, "Mister, are you talking about your corn or about me?"

Wishful Thinking

At our farmer's market people will crowd around the booth when there is a supply of good vegetables. While waiting on two people at once, to save time and simplify adding up what they were buying I asked the young man standing next to an attractive young lady if they were together. He said, "No, but I sure wish we were!"

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