Saturday, February 16, 2013

Five Minutes With Artist/Illustrator Emily Wendland

I discovered Emily Wendland last weekend at the Ochre Ghost Gallery here in Duluth. Her show was called Transcendental Terrain and her work filled the room with an interesting vibe, aided in part by the music of Marc Gartmann’s Fever Dream. The show featured work in a variety of styles and gave visitors to see her range of interests. When I learned about her early support from family I saw a bit of myself. It will be interesting to see where her talents take her.

EN: How did you first become interested in making art? 
Emily Wendland: I've been making art ever since I can remember. My first published piece was a drawing I did of my dog sleeping on my grandmother's recliner when I was 5. It was published in the 'Grandma's Attic' section of the Duluth News Tribune.

EN: That had to be exciting. Describe your life path from there to where you are now?
EW: Since then, my love for drawing was noticed and highly encouraged and supported by my family. I attended various art camps and took all of the art classes available in school. It's been a process, seeking out artistic training and mentorship wherever I can find it, and self-discovery for myself as an artist.

EN: The mixed media pieces are quite interesting. Is this a more recent development and how did it come about?
EW: My passion is for drawing and illustration, but I've always dabbled in mixed media. I think many artists cross medium barriers... we're always looking to explore our ideas and concepts in different ways, and well, I think we just like working with our hands. For my art specifically, there are some things that can be better portrayed in one medium over the other. I decide which medium will best suite the idea that I am working on.

Spores (detail)
EN: Why the interest in spores?
EW: Over the past 2 years, my work has intensified its theming on nature. I love being surrounded by the work of the Lord, and the growing process of fungi has just fascinated me.

EN: Do you use your artistic gifts/talents in your career or is it something you do when you get home and on weekends?
EW: I have been actively pursuing a career with my artistic blessings. I recently received my BA from Bemidji State University, where I studied art and graphic design. I hope to use my training towards a career in illustration, but I plan to continue doing exhibits in the fine arts as well.

EN: What are you currently working on?
EW: Right now I am working on my own illustration pieces. I sell art prints and greeting cards under the business name 'Eew Cute' or 'Emily Wendland Illustration', where I sell them at various gift shops around the country and online.

EN: Where can people see more of your work?
EW: My art prints can be found on Etsy or at shops such as Double Dutch (Duluth), Yellow Umbrella (Bemidji), Unglued (Fargo), Sparrow Collective (Milwaukee). My online portfolio is at the Cargo Collective.

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