Monday, February 11, 2013

Intersecting Collaborations: May As Arts Month

The Pugilist by Andrew Mathhiassen
Collaboration: working together to achieve a goal.

I've not seen any official announcements, nor have I heard of an official name but the month of May has received an official endorsement from both Mayor Ness and Mayor Hagen as a month to celebrate the arts here in the Twin Ports.

The idea was given birth in the course of the past year through the collaborative efforts of the the Twin Ports Arts Align (TPAA), a network of artists across all disciplines that is serving as a catalyst to incubate and stimulate a vibrant, sustainable arts culture in the Twin Ports. Through their synergy they aim to educate, inspire and support the spirit and economy of our region.

After an initial kickoff event in late April the official time frame for Twin Ports Arts Month will be from April 28 thru June 2. The concept, as I understand it, is to have each week of the month set aside as a time to consciously showcase the various arts activities that are already happening here. Each week will feature a different facet of the cultural jewel that is the Twin Ports Arts Scene.

Kicking off the month will be our already-celebrated Homegrown Music Festival, Apr 28-May.Following this will be Visual Arts Week from May 6-12. May 13 through 26 will be comprised of Dance/Theater/Opera/Literary Arts/Classical Music and Dylan Days. The DuSu Film Festival will bring the month to a close May 29-June 2.

Since this is not just a Duluth Arts Month, I asked Erika Mock to share briefly what is happening on the Superior side of the bridge in May.

Phantom of the Gallery
"The calendar is still growing here in Superior," Mock explained. "So far The Red Mug will feature ‘Blood Oranges’ curated by Jeredt Runions. Phantom Gallleries has a thrilling line-up to include: ‘Shift’ large-scale paintings by Sarah Brokke that address the feeling of the fragile balance we are all making; ‘Gridded Geometry’ paintings, collages and floor sculptures by Adam McCauley; new explorations in the beauty and complexity of grids, arge-scale abstract stained glass by Patricia Davey. There will also be Busking Installation by Rachel Nelson. Superior Night is Wednesday May 8, with multiple receptions in the planning. We’re also thrilled that the City of Superior is completely supportive of Twin Ports Arts Month and is joining the City of Duluth in its marketing."

Anyone who's ever seen the explosive force a whale makes when it emerges from the deep knows the great energy that preceded that moment that took your breath away. So it is that there is a great energy stirring below the surface here that will soon emerge in a manner akin to spectacle. This spring during arts month you're invited to be part of something very special, and maybe even historic.

Working together can make it happen.

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Photo credit: Phantom of the Gallery by A. Perfetti  

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