Thursday, February 7, 2013

Of Snow Angels, the Mambo Queen and Art On The Brain

Let's start with the snow angels. Duluth Rotary 25 and the Proctor DECA devised an original fund raising event that simultaneously aims to get national attention by setting a Guinness Book Record for most snow angels created at one time. Target objective is 9,000.

If you are planning to be part of this event, here are some important details.

Date: Saturday, February 9
Location: University of MN, Duluth
You'll want to arrive anytime between 9:30 and 10:30 to make sure you are in position in time to be in the record attempt at 11:00. When you arrive at UMD, police/parking volunteers will direct you where to park. More volunteers will direct you from your car to where you check in. (They are having a free will donation at the door. Change will be available as well. Also, credit/checks are accepted.) Once you are checked in they will give you a wrist band that says which field you need to be in by 11.

Mother nature generously provided us with a half foot of fresh-fallen snow this past couple days so at least one of our partners is doing her part. Hope we'll see you there to do yours.

For a little more background and how the money raised will be used to help the needs of indigenous peoples in Ethiopia, check out my blog entry Aiming for a Snow Angels World Record. Can They Do It?

The Mambo Queen. Photo by John Heino
One of the chief instigators in this event is Crystal Taylor, whose life seems devoted to stirring up interest in good causes. I say this because tonight she is participating in another fund raiser, the Seventh Annual Celebrity Dance Challenge. Crystal has been selected as one of the celebrities to perform at Fregeau Auditorium at Marshall School here in Duluth, MN. All proceeds will go to the Minnesota Ballet.

The way the event works is that celebrities are each paired with professional dancers from the Minnesota Ballet. Now in my personal opinion, I don't know who the other celebrities are, but Crystal has an unfair advantage since she is already a dancer in her own right, a practicing belly dancer to be more precise.

Tonight she's going to be the Mambo Queen, and if I were a betting man...

You can catch the Mambo Queen performing with her dance partner Michael Agudelo at the Seventh Annual Celebrity Dance Challenge, 7:30 p.m., tonight at Marshall. From what I hear, this is one fun event.

Art on the Brain
Street Art ¤ The Art of Making Sushi ¤ Art Therapy ¤ Art Galleries ¤ The Art of Forecasting the Future of America ¤ Commercial Art ¤ Art for Art’s Sake ¤ Art Shaw ¤ Art Linkletter ¤ Art Garfunkel ¤ Art in America ¤ Graphic Art ¤ Erotic Art ¤ Hypnotic Art ¤ The Art of Public Speaking ¤ Cinematic Art ¤ Art Auctions ¤ Western Art ¤ Asian Art ¤ Art History ¤ Art Books ¤ Art of the Deal ¤ Fine Art ¤ Children’s Art ¤ Philadelphia Museum of Art ¤ eBay Art ¤ Google Art ¤ Sumerian Art ¤ Art Prints ¤ Abstract Art ¤ Metropolitan Museum of Art ¤ Decorative Art ¤ Art Critics ¤ Walker Art Center ¤ Art Nouveau ¤ The School of Art ¤ Fabric Art ¤ Fashion Art ¤ Renaissance Art ¤ Roman Art ¤ Japanese Art ¤ African Art ¤ Contemporary Art ¤ The Art Dock

And let's not forget, Friday evening (tomorrow) there are at least four art openings here in the Twin Ports, beginning with Love Your Local Artist, at the Superior Library. More than 30 artists will have work on display, with live music and lots of energy starting at 5:30 p.m.  Cross the bridge afterwords and take in the three shows at Washington Galleries, PRØVE and Ochre Ghost. A great evening for having art on the brain, and a feast for your mind and eyes.

Life is an adventure. Be part of it.

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