Tuesday, February 5, 2013


“It is becoming more and more obvious, that it is not starvation, not microbes, not cancer but man himself who is mankind’s greatest danger.” ~Carl Jung

Over the years I have been confronted by a recurring theme that at one time I had no name for, but which eventually got the label “post-modernism.” It was a difficult concept because by its very definition it defies definition. Nevertheless, deriving from somewhat modern roots I attempted to define it enough so as to properly compartmentalize it.

Though not as frequent as the tides, the theme does return to my consciousness periodically as I see its fingerprints on the culture we are submerged in. Sometimes I run into discussions of post-modern impact in the most unusual places and this past week I made yet another attempt to give it definition, by means of a poem/dialogue I have titled Twilight of the Gods.


Modern Manny: I would like to define our relationship.
Post-Modern Polly: How can you define what’s undefinable?
Manny: If Post is the antithesis of Modern, what will the synthesis look like?
Polly: Such a logical question is illogical.
Manny: Why do you have to make such a hodge-podge of everything?
Polly: My guess is you can’t even define hodge-podge.
Manny: So that’s what you think? I’ve defined everything else.
Polly: And I’ve undefined it.
Manny: So, is this a power play?
Polly: The opposite of knowledge is deceit and fraud.
Manny: What is that supposed to mean?
Polly: There was a naked man riding a horse.
Manny: Are you daft?
Polly: Don’t try to pin me down.
Manny: O.K., so it is a power play.
Polly: Crown me.

e. 2-1-2013

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