Thursday, February 21, 2013

THAW Opening Tonight In Superior

THAW, a late winter art event, is opening tonight. Phantom Galleries Superior is hosting four exhibitions that explore environments in vacant downtown storefronts.The opening night receptions begin at 5:00 p.m.

The four locations are once again on Tower Avenue in Superior, Wisconsin. Each has its own theme and flavor.  The titles and exhibits are as follows.

1112 Tower Ave
Paintings by Alison Price
Ambient Music by Rachel Nelson from 5-6:30 pm
Artist talk….. 7:30

‘Suspended Animation’
1215 Tower Ave
Mixed media installation by Colin James Wiita
Artist talk…. 6:00 pm

‘Familiar Waters’
1302 Tower Ave (window only)
Mixed media fabric paintings by Hope Thier

‘Snowdog Tales’
1412 Tower Ave
Oil paintings by Judie Phillips
Artist Talks: Hope Thier and Judie Phillips…. 7pm

I peeked into the windows yesterday and saw some pretty interesting work. Someone described Alison Price's paintings as "a long drink of color." Based on what I saw that's a pretty good description. Within Colin Wiita's space I'm only expecting one thing: the unexpected. Looking forward to exploring there later this evening.

Hope Their's fabric paintings are stationed in the large window space that several previous exhibits have occupied. Dutifully positioned like guardians they are easy to enjoy by day or by night.

Judie Phillips' large snowdogs evoke the special relationship our Northland has with this time of year, not shackled indoors but roaming free and eager and energetic. Sled dogs fascinate us when we're young and later when we have children they, too, become fascinated. Phillips' passion for sled dogs comes from her experience of training, showing and racing Siberian huskies. 

All this to say, if you're able to swing by there will be some cool things to see, and people to meet. The artists and their friends will be there to make you feel at home in the empty spaces they've brought to life through creative expression.

See you there!

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