Wednesday, April 18, 2018

A Dozen Things Seen During My Recent Trip Up the East Coast from Tampa to Allentown

I saw these birds during a morning run in Riverside, East of Tampa Bay.
On my first day I woke in the night and sketched this vision from my head.
Along the way I found Waldo.
And wouldn't you know it, I also found myself. 
This is George Melvin.
One of many wonderful murals that I saw in various places.
So many good Mexican restaurants, too... Yummm.
And yes, my grandson Wally is a gem.
There was a birthday celebration with the extended family.
Wally enjoyed his first Easter...
...while his cousins had to work to find Easter eggs outside.
For dessert I enjoyed a visit with an old art instructor I had in college.
His dog leapt out the window to greet me.*

It was a very special time with family, friends and memories.

*A miniature sculpture by Frank Holmes.