Sunday, April 29, 2018

Local Art Scene: Goin' Postal Spring Show Touches Stratosphere

John Ulrich had several paintings on display.
It was getting late for me but for many the evening was still young, the afterparty entertainment in full swing at V.I.P Vintage Pizza in Superior. What began as a simple Goin' Postal Art Show eight years ago has evolved into a two venue arts event and after party that knocks your socks off.(1)

There were two other visual arts events Friday as well, which I will share over the next few days. The first was Leah Yellowbird's exhibition in the Dr. Robert Powless Community Center at the AICHO building in Duluth. Ms. Yellowbird continues to produce some astonishing work, and if you have yet taken the time to become familiar with her art then you are missing something. The second is the Illustration Show which has appeared in conjunction with the start of the 2018 Homegrown Music Festival.

Mark Anderson 
The Goin' Postal art shows have clearly found their mojo. (For the uninitiated, Goin' Postal is a shipping store--UPS, FedEx & USPS--located on Tower Avenue in Superior.) About ten years ago the proprietor Andrew Perfetti decided to dress up the white walls with art. A fan of Andy Warhol's Factory concept of unleashed creative energy, it evolved into a place for art happenings, music and community. The first eight years ago show proved successful enough that it seemed a follow-up was necessary. Today the tradition continues to expand, encompassing a second venue featuring fine art photography as well as jewelry and a stellar music menu. This second venue, V.I.P. Vintage Pizza, hosted the afterparty.

Throughout the evening we experienced a steady flow of traffic from all walks of life, old friends and new. Mark Anderson provided ambience at the Goin' Postal location while other acts warmed the Goin' Postal Photography crowd. The weather was suitably inviting for a stroll from one location to the other, and the afterparty entertainment proved that you can't have too much of a good thing. Music, that is. This week is the Homegrown Music celebration with 200 bands and soloists, so we helped kick it off with Woodblind, Theft By Swindle, Revolution Jones and Laura Velvet with the Bookhouse Boys.

Here are a few pictures from the evening. The art and photography will remain on display through the next few months, so stop by, check it out... and celebrate the local scene.

Ashley Marnich brought in some new work.
Another piece by John Ulrich.
Jewels dispensing jewelry.
The night was young, but the energy already palpable.
Glenn Swanson from Oldenburg House with artist Sue Rauschenfels.
Veikko and Jason always put on a great show.

And then there was Laura Velvet and company.
Meantime, art goes on all around you. Engage it!

* * * *

(1) Several years ago I learned where the saying "knocks your socks off" no doubt originated. A co-worker was once in a serious car accident in which he was surprised to discover that when his car was collided with and he was nearly decimated, he shoes and socks shivered off his feet. May you never be so lucky as to discover this first hand.

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