Thursday, April 12, 2018

Explore New Creative Territories Through Events @ Magnolia Salon

It started with Sol Fest, leapt into new territory with Cookin' at the O and continues to expand its influence with the Magnolia Salon. (For more, see links at the end of this announcement.) Here is a schedule of Magnolia Salon events for the weeks ahead, including tonight if you can make it. They start at six, but you may wish to be early in the event it's crowded, which has happened.


April 12 - TONIGHT! - Poco Baroquo will welcome spring with Johann Sebastian Bach and friends in period costume. Fun, imaginative, creative, lively and loving!

April 19 - Cynthia Lapp joins us with her gongs for a scintillating night of vibrations and discussion. Experience the energy of microtones from the soothing, atmospheric sounds of gongs. Join the discussion on how vibration assists us to access what we deeply know and informs our unique, creative expression.

Veikko and Jason
April 26 - Woodblind, the great Duluth bluegrass/ska band, plays at the Salon in celebration of the announcement of Oldenburg Arts and Cultural Community, the private non-profit sister organization of Oldenburg House and it mission to encourage the vitality of our region through artistic expression, cultural exchanges and community development inspired by the geography, cultural wisdom and talent abundantly and irreplaceably around us.

May 3 - Tom Rauschenfels says "Being involved in and around a water environment has been an important part of my life since I was a young boy growing up on Park Point. Now as a retired public school teacher working in printmaking, drawing, painting and ceramics, I continue to be influenced by the greatest of all lakes (Superior) and the area I love. I utilize nature, the human figure, and the exploration of different art styles in my creative endeavors."

Print by Tom Rauschenfels
May 10 - Zachris Haataja, an exuberant potter and rock climber, will throw pots and share his observations on the creative process of centering - described by a noted potter and poet as ‘the act that precedes all others on the potter’s wheel; the bringing of the clay into a spinning, unwobbling pivot, free to take shape as potter and clay press against each other. The firm, tender, sensitive pressure yields as much as it asserts.’ How does centering inspire Zach as both potter and rock climber?

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